How to submit a claim for reimbursement of expenses on the Beneficiary Travel Self Service System (BTSSS)

Step 1: Logging into BTSSS

  • On the Home page, sign in to SSOe using the link on the main page.  Follow your normal SSOe sign in procedure and then it will direct you back to the BTSSS website.
  • You will then be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions
    • Review the Terms and Conditions, click on the checkbox below if you agree, then you may click on Review Profile button to proceed. 
    • Note that if you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions you will be unable to proceed with your reimbursement process.
  • Upon accepting the terms and conditions you will be directed to your Profile Review page
    • Verify the information listed is correct.
    • If any changes need to be made, make the changes on the webpage.  Then click on the Request Profile Updates button at the bottom of the page.
    • If no changes need to be made, simply click on the Proceed to My Dashboard button at the bottom


Step 2: Creating A Claim

  • There are two ways of creating a claim: clicking Create in the My Claims table of the dashboard or clicking on Create Claim in the My Appointments table
    • Using Create in the My Claims table
      • In the My Claims table on your Dashboard, click on Create which is located in the upper right hand corner of the table.
      • Select a claim on the next page by clicking on the name of the claim.
      • You should now be in the Initiate a Claim page.
    • Using Create Claim in the My Appointments table
      • For an appointment you wish to create a claim for, click on Create Claim under the Associated Claim column.
      • You should now be in the Initiate a Claim page.
  • Verify that the information is correct in the Initiate a Claim page and continue to Step 3: Adding Expenses to the Claim.


Step 3: Adding Expenses to the Claim

  • To add the first expense, you will have to be in the Initiate a Claim page for a selected appointment.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on Add Expenses.
  • On the next page Claim Expenses, verify the information is correct.  At the bottom of the page, select the type of expense.  Each different kind of expense will bring up a separate form:
    • Mileage Expense
      • In the date occurred field, fill out the date of when your mileage expense occurred.  You can either type in the date in mm/dd/yyyy format, or click on the Calendar widget on the right of the field to bring up the widget to select a date.
      • In the description field add any notes you would like to include.
      • Verify that the From Address and To Address are correct, else change the information as needed.
      • In the Mileage/Reimbursement section, select if the trip was one way or a round trip.  It will then calculate your Cost and Mileage Requested based on the distance.
      • Click on Add Expense once you are ready to submit.
      • An address verification pop up will appear. 
        • If the addresses are valid, click OK at the bottom. 
        • If the address is invalid, the map will give you the closest address.  Use the dropdown menu to select the address, or click Cancel to edit your address before resubmitting.  Click OK when you are satisfied with the address.
      • Upon success will return to the Claim Information page.
  • If you would like to add another expense, scroll down on the Claim Information page to Choose an expense type: and repeat Step 3: Adding Expenses to the Claim.
  • On the Claim Expenses page, verify that all the information presented is correct including the Expense Line Items and it's Total.


Step 4: Saving and Submitting a Claim

  • To save a claim before submission:
    • Below Choose an expense type there is a Save claim for future submission button.  Click on that to save your progress.  This will then redirect you back to My Dashboard.
    • To edit your claim, from My Dashboard click on your claim's name to open it then at the bottom click the Edit Claim button. 

Caution:  The 30-calendar day application requirement is not calculated until the claim is submitted for processing.  Your claim will exceed the allotted time and be denied if you save the claim and fail to submit it before the end of the 30-day period.

  • To submit a claim:
    • On the Claim Detail page, read the Beneficiary Travel Agreement Notice and click on the checkbox.  By clicking the checkbox below you certify the information is true and the information provided for this claim is correct and factual.
    • Click on the Submit Claim button to finish submission of your claim.
  • If you do not see the Beneficiary Travel Agreement Notice, click on the Edit Claim button at the bottom of the page.  Once a claim has been submitted it cannot be edited and there will be no Edit Claim button.


Your claim will now be processed through BTSSS.  The status of your claim can be viewed on My Dashboard as well as the Claim Detail page.  You will now be directed back to My Dashboard

If you have any questions, contact your Travel Clerk.

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